Online Dial Testing
Predictive Markets

Online Dial Testing

Content development and Ad Testing

Dial testing provides a dynamic, moment-to-moment read on audience engagement – allowing you to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, and key moments when specific segments engage positively or, conversely, start to tune out.

We have a dedicated online platform developed and refined in line with two decades of experience dial testing and can test content of any length in any country, providing clear editorial steers in line with moment-to-moment feedback.

BLINC Online Dial Testing UI

For ad optimisation, dial testing can clearly show the merits of shorter or longer editss, and our our N.I.C.E. (Noticeability, Impact, Closure and Engagement) ad-testing package, developed in partnership with a statistician at the London School of Economics and rooted in the analysis of over 6000 dial lines, provides advertisers with a clear read on the key measures of ad success.

We are also one of the UK’s only live dial test providers, and regularly undertake dial testing (in addition to surveys and focus groups) in countries as disparate as India, Russia, China, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Sweden, Norway, Italy, the US and Canada.

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Ad Optimisation

At BLINC we deploy a convergent methodology for ad optimisation, based on the principle that evidence from independent sources can be aggregated to yield a robust conclusion. Running ads through the four core methodologies of Dial Testing, Implicit Testing, Eye Tracking and Prediction Markets yields the most rigorous and comprehensive assessment possible of an ad’s creative, emotional and market performance.

Implicit Testing

There are considerable misconceptions about what constitutes implicit testing. Developed by neuroscientist Professor Gemma Calvert, our tool – unlike others on the market – only permits non-conscious responses, bypassing explicit cognitive processes.

Eye Tracking

Being able to see what people attend to or ignore can be crucial across an array of sectors for implementing optimal ad design (whether OOH, print or digital), packaging,  store layout, and point-of-sale displays.

Prediction Markets

Grounded in academic research, our prediction market tool was developed alongside CBS in the US and has a proven track record for accuracy when predicting outcomes and performance in areas as diverse as politics, marketing and the media. We are the first market research company in the UK to put this methodology at the heart of what we do.

BLINC Prediction Market User Interface Example Screenshots

Using prediction markets means we can offer concept testing across the creative timeline. This longitudinal approach contrasts sharply with ‘just in time’ research, which is often just too late to make a real impact on content and marketing. Using our predictive market, clients can track the likely performance of any concept from first draft to the final version, starting with a descriptive paragraph and gradually adding more and more detail.

The tool can also be used to rank concepts for appeal, cutting down waste by removing un-motivating concepts from consideration at an early stage.

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A growing proportion of BLINC’s research is undertaken internationally, with all of our tools and methodologies now used worldwide.

Our partnership in Five Research means we have a network of recruiters, moderators and viewing facilities across the globe, and our online tools are designed to work in any country that has reasonable internet provision.

BLINC Map Showing Where We Work

We regularly undertake dial testing, surveys and focus groups in countries as diverse as India, Russia, China, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Sweden, Norway, Italy, the US and Canada.

The variation in cost is as simple as sample cost and translation in most cases. We know that our clients increasingly think globally and need research from different territories to inform their decisions. If there is a country you need to research in, please ask and we will answer your questions using our experience, contacts and business partners worldwide.

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