Predictive markets are a radically different approach to concept testing that delivers superior accuracy, faster results, and at much lower cost than conventional research methods. The confidence they provide early in the creative or new product development process is invaluable to creatives and businesses alike – who can now dedicate time and budget fully to concepts with a high chance of success, rather than wasting limited resources on concepts with a high risk of failure.

Predictive Market odds Unlike other research platforms, respondents aren’t just paid to participate; instead, they are given an allowance with which to play and bet on the topics they choose, with the chance to “double their money” (or more) if they predict correctly.

Our predictive market platform is grounded in decades of academic research, and was developed alongside CBS in the United States. It consistently outperforms conventional research at predicting outcomes and performance in areas as diverse as politics, marketing and the media. BLINC are the first market research company in the UK to put this methodology at the heart of what we do. For more information and a demonstration, contact us at