Sharing our experience and expertise is at the heart of what we do.  We constantly innovate in the fields that we work in and we are continually learning and growing our understanding of the sectors and audiences that we research.

We are always willing to share this knowledge with our clients, either as part of a project where relevant, or simply as a ‘Lunch and Learn’ session for brand teams. Keep coming back to see what we are working on and get in touch if you would like to learn more.

Opinion Polls PDF Image

Have Opinion Polls Had Their Day?

Have Opinion Polls Had Their Day PDF (555kb)

PDF copy of our article first published on the Research Live website on 31 March 2016:

Consilience PDF


Consilience PDF (349kb)

An overview of one of Blinc’s unique advert testing methodologies – Consilience.

Why Qual Counts PDF

Why Qual Counts

Why Qual Counts PDF (111kb)

Our thoughts on the continuing importance of qualitative research rather than focusing solely on big data research.

Predictive Markets PDF

Predictive Markets

Predictive Markets PDF (283kb)

An overview of Predictive Markets